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Exploring The Basics of Proprioceptive Writing

Wednesdays 7-9:00pm

Limited to 6 students in each session.
Pre registration required one week in advance of program start.
Cost: $300 for 6 week program

Kim Chandler

Kim Chandler

This series is for anyone wishing to establish and sustain a PW practice.

You are encouraged to have 3-5 Writes weekly, then email one of these Writes to Kim in advance of each weekly conference call. Calls typically include 4-6 students.

On the conference calls with Kim, you will explore elements of the proprioceptive method through the lens of your Writes  (the texts that result from your PW sessions). In response to your Writes, Kim coaches you on how to use the method to explore and inquire further. 

In these sessions, practitioners gain the benefits of weekly PW teaching in a small gathering on the phone. In each session you read your Write and listen to others read theirs. There is as much to learn from hearing others' Writes and Kim’s response to those Writes as there is from your own.

If you are interested/curious and have questions please email

Discover writing as a path to self-expression, creativity, and emotional health!

A simple method anyone can learn, Proprioceptive Writing® (PW) is a form of meditative writing that teaches you to listen to your thoughts with empathy and curiosity and reflect on them in writing. When engaging in this way you become open, receptive and focused. The mind is freed from anxiety and you feel refreshed, energized, and restored to your natural state of vibrant aliveness.

PW is a powerful tool that can focus awareness, dissolve inhibitions, and build self trust; unburden your mind and resolve emotional conflicts; write and speak with strength and clarity; awaken your senses and emotions; and liberate your creative energies.

Writing is not the end of the practice, but rather the means to gain insight into and power over how you live and think. In the short term PW invigorates your mind. Over time it strengthens your sense of self and connects you to the world. When practiced regularly, PW can bring a new sense of well-being and confidence that is vital to mental health and creativity.