Private yoga lessons also offer students the ability to focus on personal interests, concerns or goals. Instead of following along with the yoga instructor in a class setting, a private lesson allows an individual to set specific personal goals for flexibility, strength or meditation. One of our certified instructors will provide you with hands on tips for better alignment and positioning to insure a safe and beneficial yoga practice.
In Studio - $90 per 60 minutes. Or you can purchase a pack of 4 sessions for $320.
In Studio with Kim - $125 per 60 minutes. Or you can purchase a pack of 4 sessions for $400.
Off Site - $110 per hour off site session. Or you can purchase a pack of 4 sessions for $400.  Provided in the comfort of your own home or location of your choice.



The Basics of Proprioceptive Writing: Private Foundational Lessons
 This series is for anyone seeking to establish a regular practice or support an already existing one.  This series offers you the opportunity to place your practice on a firm foundation of good technique. Learn to engage attention, receive thought and explore thoughts proprioceptively. Manage the Proprioceptive Question strategically.  Move away from old habits and patterns of thinking. Encounter new information and insights.  Experience transformative understandings.

Participants enrolled in this 6 week series are encouraged to have 5 Writes a week. One or two Writes are emailed to Kim for a weekly phone conference.

Six sessions (30-60 minutes each) $300
Scheduled at your convenience
Contact Kim for further information


Wedding Yoga Experiences
Create a space of unity and relaxation in the midst of the chaos and stress that is typical for a wedding weekend.
Are custom-designed classes and can be suitable for all levels, including those who have never experienced yoga.
Provide an opportunity for family andfriends to unite in the spirit of loving community.
Offer poses, breathing techniques and meditations designed to support your total wedding experience.
Enhance fun, enjoyment and relaxation for the bride on her special day.
Support your needs – whether the wedding is large or small, hometown or destination, extravagant or simple, traditional or non-traditional.
Are designed to help balance the body, mind and spirit of the participants, and to enhance their emotional wellbeing, inner peace and relaxation.
Packages and Pricing
Custom-designed yoga at the Bride’s special site begins at $250. Studio classes may also be available.

Wedding Yoga packages may include:
Bride’s Choice - 4 to 6 weeks of private or semi-private yoga for the Bride
Bachelorette Bliss - Yoga at the bachelorette party
Serenity Reigns-Bridal Shower yoga
Radiance Rules - Wedding day yoga for the Bride and her maids, friends and/or family

Doing yoga the morning of my wedding with all of my bridesmaids was amazing.  It was just what I needed to stay calm and relaxed before the big event."
- Sarah P.

"With everyone being at a different level, it was also fun to have a good laugh. There’s a lot of nervous energy the day of a wedding, and rather than stressing out, it was great to have an hour to myself to reflect.
~ Sara Gilbane Sullivan

I loved our yoga session the day of our wedding. Gathering for that moment of peace and calm was a highlight. It was a great moment to NOT race around staring at a to-do list. I was able to breathe, reflect and enjoy all the love that surrounded us with our dearest family and friends present!”
 ~ Lindsey Payne Welsch