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40 Days of Self Care

Program dates October 11 - November 19
Weekly meetings Wednesday 7pm-8:30pm

Cost: $295
Discounted price of $250 for graduates of 40 Day programs, MBSR, and YTT

Cultivate self-care while connecting with others to bring ease and joy to your everyday life. The deep healing benefits of regular practice restore vitality and energy.  Begin anew.

You will have a choice of two weekly group meetings as well as, unlimited access to yoga and meditation classes here at Innerlight and all three All That Matters studios. Whether you go once a week or twice a day, attention and connection to yourself and your practice can have profound impacts. Students report best results with two or more yoga classes a week.

  •   Learn to meditate in a safe and nurturing environment among like-minded individuals.
  •   Begin or deepen your personal yoga practice.
  •   Develop practices that strengthen and heal the body and mind.
  •   Foster self-acceptance, lovingkindness and compassion.
  •   Connect with yourself and others.

Yoga, strengthens your body, to become more flexible. Meditation fosters inner stillness, focus and clarity.  Community provides direct support and direction with consistent practice.
The 40 Day program practice is supported in the studio with weekly meetings and many options for a wide variety of classes at two studios.

Program includes

• 40 Days of unlimited yoga at Innerlight and three ATM studios

• Weekly meetings will be 7pm Wednesdays.

• Half hour personal coaching with Kim or Mary

* 10% discount on current Proprioceptive Writing programs

* Local discounts for bodywork/massage and products

• Graduates receive 10% discount on a class pass after program conclusion


Who takes the 40 Day Program?
Anyone curious about yoga or meditation, experienced practitioners who wish to inspire or deepen their practice, and students looking to come back to after an absence. Everyone of all levels and all abilities is encouraged and will be supported on this journey.

What Happens at the Weekly Meetings?
Each meeting includes reflection and journaling, connection with others, discussion, and a meditation and mantra practice. One or two weekly meetings a week are encouraged.  Each Wednesday evening will introduce new material and the Friday noontime session will reinforce it.

The 2017 Winter 40 Day program will focus on Metta Meditation. This is an age old practice in loving kindness that is easy to learn and powerful to practice. Each week an aspect of the practice will be introduced and practiced together.  No meditation experience necessary.

We will chant either briefly or more extensively each session. Chanting sacred mantra from various cultures begins to draw us deeper into our own space of being, so we sit more at ease in ourselves. Recording will be recommended in order to continue this practice at home if desired.

Note - Weekly meetings will not be a yoga class, instead they will provide the opportunity for connection with self and others, as well as a chance to learn specific meditation and mantra techniques.

Between Meetings
Attend yoga and meditation classes in the studios.  Letting your teachers know you are a 40 Day student is a great way to connect with the wealth of knowledge they all have.  Brief or extended metta meditations at home are encouraged. We’ll talk about ways to do this.

How do I get started?
Come to one of the intro talks January 4 or 6 with your questions. Or, just register then join us at the opening meeting January 8.

If I miss 1 day have I blown the whole thing?
Of course not! Set a clear to participate fully and live into that intention as best you can. There are many ways to participate from day to day.  When you miss a day of yoga or meditation, you might take a walk or do something else that promotes self-care and well-being. Every moment is an opportunity to start over or return.

Do I have to take all classes at Innerlight?
It is often easier and more insightful to do yoga with a live teacher in community with others.  Often different teachers, class styles, and spaces may resonate with you at different times. As a result, we have partnered with All That Matters to offer as much diversity as possible. You can choose to take a class at any of their three studios, as well as any of Innerlight’s offerings for the duration of the program. That’s about 100 classes to choose from each week! We can also recommend DVDs or live streaming classes for those days you just want to stay in.

Can I reverse a lifetime of unhealthy habits?
Yes!  It takes about 20 days to interrupt an old habit and 20 days to put a new habit in the groove. 

I have more questions!

Give us a call at 401-849-3200 or email