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Yoga for Chronic Pain: Awakening the Healing Self

Claudia Rowland

Claudia Rowland

Date: Saturday, February 24, 2018           
Time: 2:00pm to 5:00pm            
Price: $35 cash or check in studio
or Click here to register and pay online with a 3% convenience fee

Please join us for an afternoon immersion based upon the scientifically researched and proven benefits of yoga and mindful practices as they apply specifically to chronic pain

Chronic pain affects more Americans than diabetes, heart disease and cancer combined.  Chronic stress and the rise in autoimmune disorders and inflammatory diseases has reached epidemic proportions in our culture.  New and growing scientific evidence shows that mindful-ness based practices like yoga and meditation can significantly diminish the experience of pain by re-educating, toning and balancing the nervous system.  Nourishing the mind body complex to become more resilient to stress, anxiety and discomfort will shift the relationship to pain, and create more resiliency, calmness, Joy, and freedom.   Using these simple yet powerful practices you can reset the nervous system to stimulate the body’s healing response, awaken inner sensing and begin to unwind layers of long held congestion and rigidity that have you stuck in the chronic pain loop.  

By harnessing the deeply therapeutic effects of this practice you will transform the body story dialogue and open up to new ways of moving forward with ease and clarity. All while having the opportunity to share with others who are on a similar journey!

The workshop will include a short presentation on the physiological and emotional nature of pain in the body and its connection to the nervous system, There will be guided movement including restorative therapeutic yoga, breath regulation, somatic integration, and guided meditation based on Deep Listening techniques.  You will learn to understand and identify the difference between tightness of the muscles and tension in the body. You will increase interoceptive awareness, develop insight into patterns of holding that can cause and perpetuate chronic pain and shift into a calm, stable homeostatic relationship with the whole-self.  Set the healing conditions in the mind body complex, re-condition and regenerate your nervous system to Homeostasis and HEALING SELF.

  • Accessible practices and resources will be provided to continue to utilize the tools and techniques you learn at home.
  • The afternoon will include time for group discussion and sharing. There will be a short break.
  • Please bring pen and small journal.
  • This workshop is not appropriate for individuals who are in severe acute pain, or those who are unable to walk on their own.
  • We will be using the floor with many cushions and props. Chairs and back rests will be available.
  • Please wear comfy loose warm clothing and bring an eye pillow or a soft scarf for eye coverage in reclining poses.
  • Bring water or any healthy beverage for hydration.